Back to School: Protecting Your Child From Illness and Injury

Summer is quickly coming to a close and before you know it, the school year will begin! With a new school year comes new friends, new teachers, and unfortunately, new exposure to injuries and illness. Take a look at what your student may face while back at school in order to prepare them now for the upcoming school year!

Bugs and Viruses

While the beginning of a new school year is incredibly exciting, it’s also an opportune time for bugs and viruses to spread their love from person to person. Watch for symptoms of these common illnesses:

  1. The dreaded flu is likely to strike, causing fever, fatigue and body aches. Our Urgent Care offers flu shots which you can walk in without an appointment to receive before the school year even starts!
  2. Strep throat, a contagious bacterial infection, causes fever, severe sore throat and loss of appetite.
  3. Mono, a virus transmitted through saliva, causes sore throat, fever, fatigue that lasts for weeks, swollen lymph nodes and tonsils.


We offer rapid lab testing to properly diagnose and treat students in order to get them back to health quickly.

Student Wellness

Other than bugs and viruses, students should be aware of other harmful factors during the school year:

  1. Food poisoning can easily occur when food is left at unsafe temperatures for hours at a time. Make sure lunches are properly insulated to avoid food related illness.
  2. It’s also important to pay attention when around buses and school traffic. Take off headphones, look around before crossing streets and parking lots, and don’t let friends become too much of a distraction, especially around high traffic areas.
  3. Avoid back injury from heavy backpacks. Choose a backpack for your student that is no  longer or wider than their torso to properly distribute weight.

Sports Injuries

Many common occurring back to school injuries are those caused by sports participation:

  1. Sprains are caused by landing improperly on an outstretched joint and may cause swelling, bruising, and restriction in movement.
  2. Broken bones will cause pain, swelling, deformity, bruising  and loss of function.
  3. Concussions are caused by serious blows to the head that cause the brain to shake, which may cause memory loss, lack of coordination, fatigue and other serious symptoms.

If you think you have a sprain, broken bone, or concussion, visit a doctor immediately for proper care. Our Urgent Care offers X-rays, CT Scans, and other appropriate treatment.

Going back to school should be a time to enjoy new beginnings, so it’s very important to take necessary precautions to avoid any of these common illnesses and injuries when possible. If illness or injury does occur this school year, know that the Our Urgent Care near you can help. Feel free to schedule an appointment online or just walk-in, we’ll take great care of you and your family! Have a wonderful school year!