Believe it or not, 2017 is here folks! Instead of coming up with unreasonable and completely over the top New Year’s resolutions, we’ve gathered eight simple but important tips to help you stay healthy and safe as in this new year!

Watch carefully for ice

With temperatures dropping below freezing, be sure to look where you are walking or when getting out of your car to avoid icy spots. Also, drive slower than usual over bridges and overpasses to avoid hard-to-see ice on the road. To avoid slipping near your home, salt your steps and walkways when you hear bad weather is heading your way–it’s better to be safe than sorry!  

Wash your hands often

Though this tip is common, it is one of the most important on the list. Thoroughly wash the front and back of your hands, between your fingers, and under your fingernails with soap and water to prevent germs from spreading and improve your odds of staying healthy through this cold winter.

Reduce chapping

 Don’t you just hate the dry, chapped skin of wintertime? To avoid chapping be sure to dry your hands completely after washing, carry a lotion with you to apply when needed, and always have chapstick handy to protect your lips.

Drink plenty of water

The recommended amount of drinking water is eight 8-ounce size glasses (64 total ounces) a day. It’s important to drink as much as possible to stay hydrated while your body works overtime to stay healthy and warm.

Find a safe sledding hill

Find a hill that isn’t too steep and ends in a long, flat area. Don’t choose a hill that ends near a street, pond, fences, trees or other hazards. Check the hill for stumps, rocks, poles and other dangers before sledding. Most people are not trained for Winter X Games risks on the sledding hill, so be sure to discuss risks and safety with older children who tend to push the limits with sledding jumps and obstacle courses. Try to find a hill that is snowy but not icy, the snow will help create a smoother landing. Sled during the daylight when you can see any obstacles and to avoid them.  

Find healthy meals to cook 

It can be easy to fill up on unhealthy junk food during the winter with less fresh food available and more time indoors. Use this winter to gather healthy recipes and serve healthy soups, crock pot meals, chili’s and more. Save the recipes you love for winters to come!

Exercise indoors 

With the freezing temperatures we often avoid outdoor activity and do a lot more binge watching of television, but you can use your screens to work out as well! Pick a favorite yoga or workout channel to follow on YouTube and do it before or after watching your favorite show. Working out is not only good for the waistline, but also helps keep your immune system strong to avoid illness.

Clean often-used spaces regularly 

Since everyone is inside more during these winter months, it’s important to clean and sanitize your common spaces regularly. Keep cleaning wipes or spray nearby to wipe down counter tops, handles, keyboard, and anything hands touch often to keep germs from spreading at home and the office.

We hope these tips prove helpful to you as you kickstart a brand new year! Keep in mind Our Urgent Care is in your neighborhood to care for you and your loved ones in 2017, whatever health care needs may pop up. As an affordable alternative to the hospital, and a flexible alternative to the doctor, we’re here for you! Make an Appointment or Just Walk-in. Let’s make 2017 a great year!