What are the symptoms of the cold and flu?

A cold starts with a sore throat, followed by a runny nose and congestion, and usually ends with a cough. A cold usually doesn’t last more than a week or two and isn’t accompanied by a fever. Colds are contagious for the first few days, so it is important to avoid others and stay home during that time frame. If your cold lasts longer than a week, you will want to visit your closest Our Urgent Care to see if you have something more serious.

The flu may also consist of a sore throat as well as muscle aches, fever, chills, headaches, soreness, congestion, and cough. Some strains of flu include vomiting and diarrhea. The flu should only last 3-5 days, but you may continue to feel wiped out for an entire week. The flu sometimes leads to pneumonia, so it is important to monitor symptoms and see your doctor if you don’t feel better after a week.

How do you tell the difference between a cold and the flu?

Cold and flu symptoms are very similar at first, but the flu usually ends up being much more severe. The most common way to tell a cold and the flu apart is to take your temperature, if you have a fever it is most likely the flu not a common cold.

How do you prevent the cold and flu?

The best way to prevent a cold or flu is to wash your hands frequently. Fall to early springtime is an especially common time to catch the cold and flu with people staying indoors more and shopping in close proximity to one another. Make sure to avoid others with a cold or flu and clean indoors regularly. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise, nutritious food, and drinking plenty of water will also help to prevent sickness.

Flu shots are also available, stop by Our Urgent care today to receive one and stay healthy through the winter!

When to see a doctor

Persistent fever, coughing, painful swallowing, or severe headaches all mean it is time to drop by Our Urgent Care.  If flu symptoms seem very severe, or last over a week, don’t hesitate, visit a doctor!