Most health insurers provide a mobile app to help manage health, but not many people are actually utilizing these apps. In fact, only 36% of consumers are downloading the app, with only 11% actively using it according to a new survey. So what exactly is the point of your Health Insurance app, why should you download it, and how will it help you? We’re here to help answer these important questions!

Why Does My Health Insurance Provider Have an App?  

While the number of apps available for download can be overwhelming, the app provided by your health insurance is one you should definitely explore. Most health insurance apps provide:

  • cost estimators
  • patient reviews
  • medication coverage information
  • physician locators and more  

These are all things you’d normally go to a desktop computer to look up, or have to call your insurance and wait in a queue for someone to help. With your health insurance app you can easily find a good in-network doctor when and where you need one, all with a few simple touches on your mobile phone.

Why Should I Download the App Provided By My Health Insurance?

Oftentimes sickness and injury strike at the most inconvenient of times. Whether you’re traveling, at work, or away from home, you may need to find a healthcare provider outside of your normal doctor. With a healthcare app you can easily find an in-network provider in minutes. Most healthcare apps also provide exclusive content on their apps, educating you on your health and tips for choosing health care providers.

On top of all of the benefits listed above, the app will help you:

  • quickly pay premiums
  • save time finding local health care providers
  • provide coverage details on the go
  • display your health insurance card

Studies have found that those who use tools provided on their health insurance app reported greater overall satisfaction with their health insurer.

What Health Insurers Have an App?

Most health insurance providers have an app with some providing more features than others. You can find the following providers in your app store and many, many more:

  1. Anthem
  2. Humana
  3. Coventry
  4. Mercy
  5. United Healthcare
  6. Aetna
  7. Coventry

With all of these great benefits offered by health insurance apps, why not give yours a go, it is free after all! Start exploring how the app will work in your favor to save tons of time and money in the process of looking for excellent health care providers. Check to see if an Our Urgent Care is covered near you, we’re always happy to help and answer any questions you may have about your health.