It’s October! That means that stores have been selling Halloween candy for nearly two months now. While we think that Halloween candy in moderation is an important part of childhood, we want to avoid overdoing it. Here are some of our favorite healthy Halloween treats for the whole family to enjoy!  


Let’s start with some treats that you can pick up at a store near you and are easy to grab and pass out, use at a party or simply just a festive treat.


  1. We love these mini pretzel bags. They are a quick and easy treat prepackaged in festive bags for the kiddos. 
  2. We also adore  Wholesome Lollipops which come in skull and ghost shapes. They are organic and peanut free with only 4 grams of sugar per sucker.  
  3. Yum Earth offers an organic alternative to a traditional candy corn. They come in single serve packets which is an easy way to prevent eating the whole bag or bowl! 
  4. Finally, Trader Joes offers a bunch of healthy Halloween options – we love their Halloween Gummies which skip the food coloring in favor of natural food dyes.  


If you have a little more time on your hands, there are a ton of great ways to prepare great treats for all of your little tricksters. We know that life is busy, so our tops picks require a little more time than pulling a prepackaged treat out of a bag, but not much.


  1. Banana Ghosts – all you need is a few bananas to make this spooktacular snack. Peel and cut the bananas in half so you can stand them on their ends. Then you can use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a regular chip for the mouth!  
  2. Cutie Jack O’Lanterns are a made in a snap. You need a bag of cuties or clementines and a marker to decorate them like a mini pumpkin. Have the kiddos join in the fun.  
  3. Scary Mozzarella Fingers – this creepy treat requires a bag of string cheese which you cut in half horizontally. You then will need to carefully slice thin lines on each to mimic knuckles. Finish off this ghoulish snack with a slice of red pepper for a fingernail.  
  4. Apple Monster Mouths – just a few apple slices and your favorite nut butter can make this delicious and nutritious treat possible. Sandwich two apple slices with nut butter in the middle and finish it off with some sunflower seeds to make a set of monster teeth! 


Our Urgent Care wishes you a safe and Healthy Halloween and we hope you enjoy these treats as much as we do!