The weather is getting warmer, and we are all eager to start breaking out our spring and summer wardrobe. Before you do, you might want to take a step back and consider if you have all the protective clothing you need. While the winter may be ending, your chances of getting sick are not.

How can your clothes help keep you healthy? Studies have suggested that getting wet can make your body temperature drop faster than it would otherwise, and make it more difficult to fight off viruses. Spring showers are on their way, and it’s important to stay dry and warm. Not to mention, colds and flu are not the only season-related sicknesses out there. Once summer comes, it’ll be important to use sun protection to prevent health issues like heat stroke and sun burn.

Thankfully, you can guard your health and be stylish at the same time!

Staying Dry

Rain Coats

There are a lot of ways for you to stay dry, but for your kids raincoats are the most practical option. Umbrellas and hats can easily be misplaced, but in a raincoat they can comfortably stay dry and keep playing.

Boy in raincoat

Source: Old Navy


There are loads of cute and colorful rain boots out there, but if you’re looking for a more subtle approach, waterproof boots still get the job done, and people may not even realize they aren’t fashion boots!

Kohls brown boot

Source: Kohls


Don’t forget about dad! Feet are one of the most important parts of your body to keep dry, but you may not want to have a separate pair of shoes for every occasion and type of weather. Why not get a shoe that can do it all? Just like women’s boots, you can find shoes that don’t scream “waterproof”, and can be used while being active or just day-to-day wear.

North Face Shoe

Source: The North Face

Moisture Wicking

Rain isn’t the only way you can get wet. For those who work out year-round, balancing the cooler weathers with how much you’re sweating can be difficult. When in doubt, layer, and make sure your bottom layer is moisture wicking.

under armour shirt

Source: Under Armour

Staying Germ-Free

Hand sanitizers

While staying dry helps your body maintain its temperature and fight of viruses, the viruses are still out there. Combat them one by one by making sure your hands are always clean. While hygiene isn’t always a top priority for kids, fun clip-on hand sanitizer holders can add a touch of cute to their backpack and may help incentivize them to keep their hands clean.

hand sanititzer

Source: Bath and Body Works

Staying Sun-Ready


Protecting your face from the sun doesn’t have to mean just throwing on a baseball cap (although if that’s your style, go ahead and rock it!) Wide-brimmed hats are a classic look that have come back, and are protect your face and neck much better than most other hats. Make the look your own with a classic neutral, a fun pop of color, or monogram it!

Girl in the sun wearing a hat

Source: Nordstrom

Water bottles

Drinking water is important all year round, but especially in summer. Plastic water bottles can be costly and bad for the planet, so get a reusable one for when you’re on the go. There are endless styles and colors, and many of them are insulated to keep your water cool for those hot days coming up!

image of a water bottle

Source: Bed Bath and Beyond