Finally, finally, F I N A L L Y – it seems that fall is here! Cool nights and falling leaves make for the perfect setting to spend time with your family gathered around the fire pit. Backyard fire pits are growing in popularity and while we agree that it’s the perfect way to unplug and spend times with those we love, they also pose risks

Since 2008, injuries caused by fire pits have been on the rise. In 2017 alone, over 5000 injuries related to fire pits were treated in emergency rooms with a quarter of those who suffered the injury under the age of 5.

What risks do fire pits cause? For the most part, most injuries are from burns and a significant number come from the day after on hot coals that have not been properly disposed of by the owners. However, for people who suffer from COPD or Asthma, smoke inhalation can also pose a risk to health.

Here are out top safety tips to remain safe and allow you to enjoy the backyard stories by the fire.

  • Before installing a fire pit, check with your local fire department to make sure that is allowed. There might be seasonal rules due to wind and dry conditions.
  • Remind your children of safety rules every time before using the fire pit.
  • Keep children and pets supervised at all times. Instruct children to stay back 10 feet from the fire.
  • Check manufacturer guidelines for properly extinguishing the fire. Fire pits can remain extremely hot even 24 hours after the fire has died down.
  • Make sure that no children are allowed near the hot embers even one day after using the pit.
  • Do not use treated wood or manufactured logs and avoid accelerants.
  • Always keep a bucket of water and hose nearby.

When used safely, fire pits make for a fabulous way to gather as a family or with friends and share stories. We hope that you get a chance to enjoy your time with your family safely -because this is the Midwest and before you know it, the fire pit will be buried under a foot of snow.