”I derive great satisfaction in making my patients feel better.”


This month we are excited to introduce you to Dr. Shamim Amini. The above quote beautifully sums up why we are honored to have Dr. Amini as a part of the Our Urgent Care staff. His commitment to patient care is one of his many outstanding qualities.  We hope you enjoy getting to know him a little better.  His compassion combined with passion is what makes him an outstanding physician.  

Dr. Amini joined the staff in April of 2017. He is an emergency medicine residency trained physician.  Dr. Amini completed his training at the University Hospital in Upstate New York. He brings with his past experience in various leadership roles in emergency medicine including medical directorship, and chairman of a quality executive committee for the hospital.  


Dr. Amini provides care for children and adults of all ages which include diagnosing and managing a myriad of medical problems. Dr. Amini has received accolades for his achievements as an Emergency Department Medical Director, and while he is honored to be recognized, what he considers his greatest award, and the one he cherishes the most is when a patient asks him if he would be their primary physician. He derives great satisfaction in making his patients feel better, from providing them with the medicine they need to cure their ailment, or just reassuring them that there is nothing life-threatening or urgent with their health.  

Outside of his love for helping patients, his greatest joy is being a father and spending time with his children and catching a comedy movie in his free time.  

Dr. Amini wants all of the patients he provides care for, to know that they should feel reassured and that their concerns have been addressed when they come to Our Urgent Care. Seeing a doctor can be scary at times,  but you should always ask your provider pertinent questions about your health.    

Here is a great piece of advise that Dr. Amini hopes to impart on his patient of all ages, ”preventive medicine is the best medicine. Seeking out medical attention early in a disease process helps to limit the scope of most, if not all, diseases.”


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