Where Can You Get A Sports Physical For Your Teen?

With fast approaching deadlines for Sports Physicals for the fall sports season, Our Urgent Care is the perfect place for active families who need quick, convenient, and affordable sports physicals. To prepare your teen it’s important to go over these common questions and facts about their upcoming Sports Physicals.

What is a Sports Physical and why do I need one?

A sports physical helps the state determine if it is physically safe for you to take part in a sport. Physical examinations are required to protect you from physical harm that may result from pre-existing conditions, injuries, or family medical history. Most states require sports physicals and doctors highly recommend getting them as well.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Sports Physical?

Knowing your medical history is very important to your physical. During the medical history part of the exam, commonly asked questions include previous illnesses, family medical history, any surgeries or hospitalizations, major injuries, current medications, allergies, and whether you’ve experienced dizziness, trouble breathing, or passed out recently when exercising. This part of the exam is very important and should be answered carefully and with much detail. Most medical forms are available to bring home in case you are unable to answer a question.   

What is examined during the physical portion of the exam?

Typically, a doctor will record your height and weight, evaluate your posture and flexibility, test your reflexes, take down blood pressure and pulse, test vision, and check your lungs, heart, throat, abdomen, ears, and nose. Females should be prepared for additional questions about their period and diet.

When and how often should I get a Sports Physical?

If you’re unclear about the due date of your Sports Physical, six weeks before the start of the season is usually a good time to go in for a physical. This way if there is anything wrong, there’s still time to follow up with additional appointments. It’s very important not to wait until the last minute to make an appointment. Once a year is usually adequate to receive a Sports Physical, starting as soon as you being participating in school sports. Any newly healed injury, such as a break or sprain, should be evaluated before playing any sport.

What’s the difference between a Sports Physical and regular physical?

A sports physical is more specific than a regular physical and focuses on your health related to playing a specific sport. A regular physical covers a wider span of your well being unrelated to sports. You are able to schedule both physicals during the same appointment.

When playing any sport it’s important to pay attention to your physical health during the active sports season. If you notice any prolonged dizziness, pain, shortness of breath, or any other abnormal symptom, it’s important to set up an appointment with your doctor right away. At Our Urgent Care we are equipped to handle the Sports Physical along with any other pains you may need to be treated. Our Urgent Care is here to answer your questions and ensure that your child is healthy and ready for the upcoming sports season! Our Urgent Care Sports Physicals are extremely affordable with no appointment necessary so you can walk-into our clinic at a convenient time for your busy family!