Back to school season is here and soon tryouts for sports teams will kick off. Sports are very beneficial for physical coordination, fitness, self-esteem, teamwork, self-discipline, etc. Although, children are at risk for sports injuries because they are still growing and developing important skills like coordination. It is important to know sports safety and where to go in case of an injury.  

How Can I Avoid Injury?  

From avoiding dehydration and muscle cramps to protecting yourself against all injury, we’ve got advice to keep you safe and healthy. Here are some general safety tips to prevent sports injuries: 

  • Wear the proper safety equipment
  • Equipment for each sport or activity may range from general items of clothing to special protective uniforms. In every case it is essential to use the right equipment or protective gear, and to make sure it is in good working condition.  
  • Enforce safety rules
  • Each sport should have guidelines that list the ways to prevent injury. Coaches or supervisors should properly train their team on how to prevent the injuries that can occur and enforce the safety rules. This will go a long way toward reducing the risk of another injury.  
  • Players should stay hydrated
  • Dehydration causes extreme thirst, weakness, dizziness and headaches. Sweat loss due to sports must be replaced with equal amounts of fluids. It is vital that the sports player drinks fluids before, during, and after each practice or game. To avoid stomach cramps from ample amounts of fluids, it is recommended to drink one cup of water or sports drink every 15 to 20 minutes. Stay hydrated so that you can stay on top of your game. 
  • Always stretch your muscles
  • After the warm-up, stretching allows muscles to get ready for the workout that is ahead. It allows the body to become more flexible and less prone to injury. Other benefits include: promotes circulation, reduces muscle soreness and prevents muscle and joint strains. Stretching is vital for great performance during game time and for next time. But don’t forget to stretch afterward!  

How Do I Know Which Sport is Right for Me? 

To make sure you or your child is physically fit to play a sport they should have a sports physical. This is required by schools and programs and is typically due by the end of August. It can also aid in selecting the proper sport by revealing strengths and weaknesses. At Our Urgent Care we offer sports physicals that check: height, weight, range of motion and vision screenings. Stop by your local Our Urgent Care to receive your sports physical, today, at a low cost. 

Where to Go in Case of Injury? 

You can choose to see a physician in your area who can assist in determining what is wrong and start treatment right away. At Our Urgent Care, located in the greater St. Louis and St. Charles area and expanding to a place near you, we are equipped with advanced technology and prepared for those unexpected injuries.  Every location is equipped with an x-ray machine, and St. Charles is located with a CT Scan. Hours are also convenient, Our Urgent Care is open every day M-F from 8 am – 8 pm.