The dreary weather is finally subsiding, temperatures are rising, school is coming to a close and soon, it will officially be summer! While summer fun is an exciting time, it also means more time spent outdoors for the whole family.  In order to stay safe and healthy this summer, it’s important to follow these tips to ensure a fun, safe, enjoyable summer for all!

Bike Safety

Bikes are a great way to get exercise in the summer, but it’s important to go over bike safety rules with your child, and provide a positive example as a parent. While it may seem obvious, helmets are by far the most important way to protect your child from a severe bike injury. While knee and elbow pads are great as well, children are more likely to agree to helmet use than other safety gear. Another great tip is to go over traffic laws with your child and make sure they know to abide by these laws when riding their bike.

Playground Safety

Playgrounds are one of the best places to spend the summer months! To scope out the best playgrounds to take your children for the summer, look for places that have separate jungle gyms for younger pre-school children and another for older elementary-aged children. It’s important to keep these age groups separate to avoid serious injury.

It’s also easy to get distracted while supervising at a playground, but try to supervise as closely as possible while still allowing your child space to have fun. Remind other supervisors, such as babysitters or other adults, that you expect your children to be closely supervised on the playground for safety reasons.

Bug Spray

With mosquitoes becoming more and more dangerous as carriers of Zika and other diseases, it’s important to wear bug spray when spending time outdoors this summer. If you’re sending your child to summer camp, make sure to pack them a bottle of their own bug spray. Remind them to reapply the spray every few hours, especially in the evening and after swimming or sweating.

Sunscreen & Hats

While it may seem obvious, sunscreen is a MUST. Using 30+ SPF is recommended to prevent major sunburn. When swimming it’s important to apply again after getting out of the water, and every two hours when otherwise outdoors. Hats are another great way to block out the sun and keep skin safe from sun damage.   

Healthy Eating

With schedules all over the place during the summer, it can be hard to remember to eat healthy and at the same time each day. A great idea is to establish a summer schedule with specific snack and mealtimes. This way you are able to provide healthy alternatives, such as fresh fruit, to the sugary sweets of summertime, as well as make sure your family is drinking water throughout the day.

Summer fun should be a time of fun and outdoor activity, but it’s always important to take the necessary precautions for safe adventures! If an accident does happen this summer, know that the Our Urgent Care near you can help. Feel free to schedule an appointment online or just walk-in, we’ll take great care of you and your family!