Tis the Season, For Cold and Flu!

As holidays quickly approach we excitedly rush from store to store, buying gifts for one another, stocking up on ingredients for our favorite recipes, and shopping in crowded areas to prepare for all the festivities. In the rush of all the excitement, cold and flu have their ways of sneaking up on us in our holiday cheer to leave us bedridden for the most wonderful time of the year. In order to keep you and loved ones healthy to fully enjoy the holidays, make sure you take these steps to avoid getting sick this season.

Wash your hands, and keep your hands away from your face. To effectively wash your hands make sure to use soap, avoiding antibacterials. Lather your hands well with either cold or warm water, rub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds, and rinse well. If possible use your elbow or a towel to turn off the faucet. Even if you think you have clean hands, avoid touching your face. Germs you touch will enter your body through your nose or mouth.

Get a flu shot! Easy enough to remember, but many avoid getting the flu shot believing they won’t fall victim to the flu. Stop by your local Our Urgent Care for flu immunization before the holidays arrive!

Keep your environment clean. Whether at work or at home make sure to sanitize spaces often. With germs flying around it’s best to have sanitizing wipes handy to wipe down your computer, desk, phone, counters, etc., and avoid using up your sick days for the year.

Eat healthy and stay away from alcohol, instead drink lots of water. Oftentimes, traveling for the holidays throw off your schedule as well as your healthy habits. Alcohol causes you to lose sleep, lowering your immune system and welcoming in sickness. Eating healthy and drinking more water helps to strengthen your immune system to fight off germs.

Avoid those who are sick! Though we want to be around to comfort our sick loved ones, it’s best to stay away from them until they are healthy again. Sleeping in a different room and sanitizing areas, especially bathrooms and counters, is very important to avoid catching their germs. If around someone who is sneezing or coughing, try to breathe outward until you pass the area, breathing in once you are 6-10 feet away and out of the danger zone.

Get plenty of sleep. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to an impaired immune system. Our immune system is designed to protect us from colds, flu, and other ailments, but when it is not functioning properly, it fails to do its job. The consequences can include more sick days.

Along with all of these tips to avoid cold and flu this holiday season, know that Our Urgent Care is in your neighborhood to care for you in order to get you healthy for holiday fun. As an affordable alternative to the hospital, and a flexible alternative to the doctor, we’re here for you! Make an Appointment or Just Walk-in. Happy Holidays!